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Living Reef - Sculpting the Sea

Where land and sea unite, sea animals emerge from the rocks

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Where is


Piazza Vescovado, 1, 30021 Caorle VE, Italia (2m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Those arriving from Bishop's Square proceeding toward the sea will perhaps be distracted by the ancient charm of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angel silhouetted against the sea. He will climb the stairs leading to the seawall and discover to his surprise a veritable open-air art gallery! Animals, humans, emotions: there are so many motifs and subjects sculpted by internationally renowned artists who direct their talent and passion to shape the boulders of this cliff created to defend the Borgo from the sea.

Why it is special

The sculptures, which literally give life to the blocks of Euganean trachyte typical of these parts, enhance the pedestrian path along the sea, which thus becomes unique, giving a unique and enchanting "art walk."

A bit of history

It all began in 1992, when Treviso sculptor Sergio Longo decided to embellish the boulders of the cliff with some of his creations depicting images of the marine world, arousing great interest in the people of Caorle and the numerous visitors who used to enjoy a relaxing walk along the seashore. The success of this initiative of his was such that, the following year, the City of Caorle established the International Prize "Scogliera Viva" which, since then, has been held every two years and involves sculptors from all over the world. Over the years this has become an open-air museum that is a must-visit if you are in Caorle!


The adjacent Church of Our Lady of the Angel (originally dedicated to the Archangel Michael, hence the name) is a shrine that, in addition to being located in a striking location, to say the least, between the cliff and the Levante beach, is the subject of a local legend. Tradition, in fact, has it that some fishermen found a wooden statue of the Madonna and Child floating in the sea despite the fact that it rested on a marble pedestal; the only ones who managed to transport it to the town cathedral were children, but she disappeared the next day, only to be inexplicably found again later in the little church by the sea, which thus took the name it still bears today.

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Gaia Mazzolo

The magical feeling of walking along the waterfront, accompanied by the wonderful sculptures on the rocks by numerous world-renowned artists and, as a backdrop, the fascinating seaside church of Our Lady of the Angel, is indescribable.


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