Be found in the Map of Wonders!

So many good reasons to be on the Map of Wonders

I am a guide

They are a tour operator, cultural or sports association...


In the Map, excursions and trips are always "hooked" to the Wonders of the land. With the Experiences I can manage dates, groups, Tailor-made Requests, payments... Most useful!

I have a farm

I have a bed-and-breakfast, a historical mansion, a garnì...


With Bravo&Buono, I have created an all-in-one point of sale for my rooms, but also for the services and products I offer. And I can manage bookings and tailor purchases directly with my clients.

I have a cellar

I have a tavern, a historic cafe, a local produce store....


I created my Bravo&Buono store to present my reality, the best wines, tastings, vineyard visits... With the advantage of always being networked with my territory.

I do arts and crafts

I create with ceramics, glass, textiles, wood, iron, color...


With Bravo&Buono I can introduce my creations to those who come to discover the Wonders of my area. I receive Custom Requests on my cell phone for visits, workshops or purchases.

I have an e-bike rental

I have an NCC service, a riding school, a kayak club, etc.


The Map of Wonders of My Territory is the right place for people who need my services to find me: rental, accessory sales, repairs, transfer...

I am a local farmer

My products are Organic, PGI, PDO, De.Co...


What am I doing in the Map? My products are a Wonder! And with Experience and Bravo&Buono I can take a first step towards e-commerce and rural tourism. From my cell phone.

We manage a cultural asset

An ethnographic museum, an archaeological park, a library...


With Experiences, we can also offer a range of cultural activities Made to Measure, managing dates and reservations. And we always stay connected to the network of our territory!

We are a Pro Loco

A municipality, a LAG, a District...


We are on the National Map of Wonders and connected to the network of people and places that make our area special. Let's give visibility to our initiatives and do a lot of good for our community!

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Access the Map of Wonders tools


Be found. Test the tools. Start your community. It's all free.

Go to your profile

You are present and searchable in the Map of Wonders

You can use social tools

You can propose up to 2 Day Experiences (guided tours, excursions, tastings, etc.)

You can manage your Experiences (dates, groups, reservations)

You can participate in the training webinars

Widgets for your site

Gold Profile

Increase visibility. Activate tailored transactions and inquiries. Expand your business.

50+ vat

Annual fee, launch offer

All the benefits of Profile, plus:

Hillary experiences

Advanced backoffice

Reservation and payment management (fee only 5%)

Custom Request Management

New! Bravo&Buono:an all-in-one tool for offering tourism services (accommodations, rentals, catering) and selling local products to "green & slow" travelers

Ad hoc

Solutions, services, customized tools

Request Quote

Contact us

Creation of tourist and thematic destinations ("Land") in the Map of Wonders

Creation of Territorial Networks and Branded Circuits in the Map of Wonders

Storytelling services for networking widespread cultural heritage ("Wonders")

Area marketing projects in the Map of Wonders

Visibility and promotion projects in the Map of Wonders ("Paladins")

E-commerce projects and services for local tourism, geolocated in the Map of Wonders

Gaming marketing and gamification projects in the Map of Wonders

For your site or blog, Map of Wonders content with widgets (carousels, lists, grids...) and custom QR Codes

Smart websites, digital HUBs (territorial, thematic, tourism), customized APIs

All services explained


Map of Wonders

By activating your Profile you also enter the Map of Wonders. The Wonders are the treasures of our territory: available to everyone, free of charge and in the form of a geolocated map.


Social tools

Posts, Comments, Follow, Save, Notifications, Share--all the tools to build your community.



Integrated and geo-localized tool to propose and manage guided tours, excursions, travel packages, workshops... with the possibility of offering tailor-made experiences. Ideal for: guides, tour operators, associations, etc.



Integrated, multifunctional tool to simultaneously sell your services and products, offering tailored experiences at your location. Ideal for: B&Bs, agritourisms, wineries, typical restaurants and venues, rentals, food and wine producers, etc.


Advanced backoffice

Integrated professional tools to manage reservations and payments, with complete autonomy and security.



Payment processing and secure credit card transactions. Fee: only 5%.


Customization of the offer

To create ad hoc packages and experiences and tailored quotes.


Widgets and accessories

Widget to hook into your site the activities you do on SharryLand and promote your business.



Group or customized training and refresher courses to take full advantage of the tools offered by SharryLand and grow your business.


Enter the Map with the Gold Profile

The Map of Wonders gives voice to the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Italy's inland areas and connects directly those who seek and those who offer Experiences, Products, Services in the Wonders. Being in the network is good for you and your territory!


Do you have a project for your area?

SharryLand with the Map of Wonders can help you achieve it and accompany you to a dimension of sustainable tourism, in contact with local communities: let's talk about it!

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What they say about us

"Everything here revolves around the Wonders: we guides also become part of the Wonders, as in an ecosystem."
Simonetta Ferramosca
Simonetta Ferramosca
Tour Guide
"SharryLand is the ideal "home" for our Piccole Patrie project: redesigning Italian tourism routes through community experiences."
ACT Travel
ACT Travel
Tour Operator
"Our purpose is to promote wonders and excellences of our area. We chose SharryLand because it looks like us!"
Gal Flaminia Cesano
Gal Flaminia Cesano
Association of professionals

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