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Molina Falls Park

The waters, the rocks and the forest

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Where is


Parco delle Cascate, Molina di, 37022 Molina VR, Italia (612m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

"What is harder than a stone and softer than water? Yet the soft water excavates the hard stone" (Ovid). The richness of water in this area, due to the existence of perennial springs located north of the village of Molina, has over time modified and designed the physiognomy of the park, which encloses not only an infinite variety of vegetation but also many streams and small brooks flowing between valleys and forests. The green of nature is interspersed with the gray of stone and rock walls eroded by the constant action of the current. The solemnity of waterfalls and the roar of water give the visitor a moment of peace and harmony that only direct contact with nature can convey.

Not to be missed

A visit to the small medieval village of Molina, surrounded by greenery and characterized by the typical stone architecture of the Western Lessinia, is not to be missed. Located near the Waterfall Park, the village is home to several mills used in the past not only for grinding cereals, but also for forging iron, pressing nuts from which oil was made, and fulling wool. Among these, the Mulin de Lorenzo was recently renovated and can now be visited, along with the malga turnaria where it is now also possible to buy typical local cheeses.

A bit of history

The park area, which is now part of the Natura 2000 Network as a Site of Community Importance for the Protection of Biodiversity, falls within the territory of the Lessinea region whose final emergence occurred in the Tertiary period, some 25 to 30 million years ago. Located southeast of the town, the site covers an area of about 80,000 sq. m., much of which is characterized by the presence of impermeable clay levels of Cretaceous limestones that prevent meteoritic waters from seeping into the subsoil, thus originating springs.

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Erica Negro

Waterfall Park is the perfect destination for a day out of town. Reaching the small village of Molina by motorcycle, riding along the scenic roads of the Lessinia Orientale, passing through the Vicenza ridges and the Val d'Illasi, is priceless-I can guarantee it!


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