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Castelfidardo's handcrafted accordions

Discover "the instrument that single-handedly makes an orchestra" at the International Accordion Museum

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Where is


Via Ciriaco Mordini, 5, 60022 Castelfidardo AN, Italia (189m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Imagine a village, a square, a group of people sharing the pleasure of traditions, dancing and conviviality. And an accordion that, to the rhythm of folk music, animates the festive space of sociability...Welcome to Castelfidardo! Since the mid-19th century, the town has been known as the home of accordions, unique pieces made by the patient and meticulous work of local craftsmen.

Why it is special

To spread the culture and beauty of accordions, in 1981 the Municipality of Castelfidardo set up the International Accordion Museum in the seventeenth-century basement rooms : a wonderful collection of 350 specimens from 22 countries, an exciting journey to discover "an instrument that alone makes an orchestra."

Not to be missed

Every year in September, for an entire week, Castelfidardo's most picturesque places become the settings for the International Accordion Festival. From classical music to jazz, from virtuoso to world ensemble: the competition is divided into an exciting roundup of events all to follow.

A bit of history

The love affair between Castelfidardo and the accordion seems to be the child of a chance meeting. Once upon a time there was an Austrian wayfarer on his way to Loreto.... It was 1863 and the wayfarer was carrying a rudimentary model of an accordion. Weary from his pilgrimage, he knocked on the door of a peasant family in Castelfidardo. One of the sons, intrigued by that strange sound box, tried to learn how it worked and then reproduced it in a small workshop set up in a stable. That young man was Paolo Soprani, today remembered as the father of the Italian accordion industry, the one who was able to transform the economy of a land until then tied to agriculture, coming to employ as many as 400 people in his factory and exporting his instruments all over the world.


It takes about 15,000 pieces to make an accordion, and the manual labor required to assemble them makes each instrument unique.

The International Accordion Museum

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