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The Angevin village of Cittaducale

An ancient beauty that has survived the centuries and hardships

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Where is


Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 111, 02015 Cittaducale RI, Italia (477m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

We arrive shortly after dawn. The air is still cool, and as we make our way from the war memorial toward the center of town, we are greeted by a ray of sunlight passing through Porta Napoli and illuminating the eastern flank of the Angoina Tower. This is just one of many monuments founded in the late medieval period by the House of Anjou, right here in Cittaducale, nestled on the Cerreto di Piano hill along the Via Salaria, about 10 kilometers from Rieti.

Why it's special

The small town in the Apennines of Rieti is a condensation of architectural wonders all, or almost all, built under the noble court of the Anjou and still retains, still, an elliptical plan, with two streets perpendicular to each other and whose meeting point corresponds to the present Piazza del Popolo. Here, in the heart of the Angevin village, a concentrate of art history explodes with vigorous beauty, sometimes entirely reconstructed so that we could still admire its grandeur today.

Not to be missed

Cittaducale boasts a sparkling cultural activity. One example above all, Agosto Angioino, a macro event that includes numerous festivals, festivals and shows that enliven the town's summer. Truly not to be missed!

A bit of history

Cittaducale was founded in 1308 at the behest of Charles II of Anjou and, unfortunately, we do not have a real picture of what the buildings might have looked like at the time of their construction. This is because of the numerous reconstructions that became necessary, particularly following catastrophic earthquakes, such as that of 1703 and 1898. However, through careful and meticulous restoration work , today one can still enjoy - by visiting here - a remarkable historical and artistic heritage.

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Luigiandrea Luppino

Santa Maria del Popolo Square: seeing it shortly after sunrise, with the civic tower reflecting the first light of day, was something timeless in my memories...