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Bosco Mio, a brief history of an urban forest

The green that unites

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Bosco mio, Str. delle Saline, 60019 Senigallia AN, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Seen from above, it is a horseshoe hugging the city and looking toward the sea. Seen from inside, it is the "home" that welcomes plants and herbs, bees and small animals, families and school groups; a home that year after year grows under the banner of biodiversity and hospitality.

It was 1995 when Bosco Mio was born: two hectares of land on the outskirts of Senigallia, close to the Saline. It is not the forest of fairy tales, dark and treacherous, but an orderly and airy forest: "urban," to be exact. Among the holm oaks and privets, fruit trees, lime trees and poplars, here is the pond croaking with frogs, the simple garden buzzing with bees, the picnic area colorful with families, and the meadow where children and teens learn about the wonders of nature...

01.jpgBees love the Bosco Mio, too

When bees talk

Many animals, as one would think, have chosen Bosco Mio as their home, and in 2010 the forest became a "protective oasis" for small fauna: badgers, owls, woodpeckers, butterflies... Prominent among the forest animals is the industrious community of bees: 350,000 in 15 hives. Bees, it is known, are perfect examples of an ecosystem and have great stories to tell. At Bosco Mio, beekeeper Ivaldo and other enthusiasts are spokesmen for them, enthusiastically welcoming us to reveal the secrets of the hive. There is even an educational beehive for exploring the inside! And you cannot miss, at the end of the story, the honey, propolis and royal jelly, to taste and, if you wish, to take home.

Biodiversity and community

Many of the first trees were planted by Senigallia families themselves, to celebrate the births of their children. Today among the many tree species in Bosco Mio there is also a special tree, "the Tree of Remembrance." And strange buds are popping up here and there, QR codes that make the trees "talking" and us a little more knowledgeable. There is a bookhouse next to the benches, but mind you, there are no wastebaskets: it is up to each person to keep the forest clean. Which therefore has become for real an aggregator of good practices and a green laboratory where integration, education, art and music can be done. Open to the whole community, which lives it as its own.

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Bosco Mio, in addition to being a small space (two hectares) that is home to animals and plants, is above all a meeting place for people of all ages to engage in the most diverse activities, from educational to exploratory.


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