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Territorial networks

What is a territorial network?

A territorial network is, for example, a network of local guides, a consortium of wineries, a LAG... It can be local or national.

What are the benefits for my area network on SharryLand?

If you have an enhancement project for your area or a sustainable tourism project with your network, being featured on the Map of Wonders both individually and as a Network will give strength to your project:

  • the content (Wonders, Experiences, Profiles, Events) published by each member of the Network will be able to have the Network's branding and will flow into the Lead Profile, creating a circuit and strengthening internal connections;
  • the Lead Profile page - updated automatically - will be able to be embedded via widget on all partners' sites, viewable as a list or as a map.

I want to bring my Territory Network to SharryLand, how can I do it?

Contact us to introduce us to your Network and project. We'll give you helpful tips on how to bring them to SharryLand.


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