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Wonders and surroundings

What is a Wonder?

A Wonder is a naturalistic, historical, cultural treasure, little known because it is outside the cities of art and the classic tourist, seaside or ski destinations; often (but not always) it is hidden inland.

A Wonder can belong to one or more of these categories: nature, history, art, villages, traditions, flavors, crafts, cinema, music, literature, theater, events, spirituality, sports, landscapes, animals, trekking, biking.

What is a Wonder Flash?

The Flash Wonder is a hint, a very brief alert that informs us of the existence of something to be discovered. It is created in a few clicks and over time can become a Wonder.

What is NOT a Wonder?

Some content can enter the SharryLand Map, but not as Wonders:

  • excursions, guided tours, tastings, tour packages or traveler services should be entered as "Experiences";
  • events such as concerts, temporenee exhibitions, etc. fall under the specific category "Events";
  • cultural or sports associations and business and tourism activities can register with their Profile;
  • wide territories (e.g. a valley) that enclose many Wonders can become "Lands".

Who can report Wonders?

Anyone can become a Seeker or Wonder Seeker and report places, itineraries or traditions of the heart, just by being a SharryLand member. When you post content, your name will be mentioned in the Acknowledgements, with links to your Profile!

Why report Wonders?

The reasons are many:

  • to participate in this great collective work of mapping our cultural heritage and lend a hand to your territory;
  • for the pride of seeing your name on the page dedicated to that place;
  • if you are a guide or organize Experiences, to give more visibility to your activities as well;
  • if you have a project for your area, to carry it out or spread it through the tools of the platform;
  • to increase your "good reputation" by picking cherries in your Cherry Picker;
  • to have the opportunity to collaborate with SharryLand in your area.

We are here to help you

If you have concerns, suggestions or plans for your area, write to us or come and meet us at the Tuesday webinar.