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Copyright and copyleft

Are my texts protected by copyright?

We believe that our natural, artistic and cultural heritage is truly a "common good." That is why we invite you to share text and photos under a Creative Commons license. The Creative Commons license allows others to freely reuse your content by citing author and source.

Can I use other people's photos for my Wonder?

In general, we prefer that you use self-made photos shared under a Creative Commons license. With this type of license, your photos will themselves be free and sharable; this allows beauty to circulate, in the spirit of SharryLand! If you want, you can still use photos that are not yours taken from the web: always make sure they are shared under a free content license, mention the author, and include the link to the source. If you want to share copyrighted photos instead, make sure you have permission and always cite the author and source.


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