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What do I find

What are the Wonders?

The Wonders are the tales of the Community. They are the treasures of nature and art, traditions and flavors, itineraries, and stories of the territories of the inland areas of Italy.

What are Flash Wonders?

With the Flash Wonders we tell tidbits and curiosities about places and traditions of the territories; or we give a taste of a broader narrative that we can also complete thanks to the photos and comments of the Community.

Who are the Wonder Seekers?

It is people like you, who love to discover hidden treasures and share beauty, experience places slowly, meet communities, discover the "soul" of a place through flavors, dialects, people. Complete your Profile and join the Community of Seekers of Wonders: recommend places, itineraries and traditions of your area.

What are Experiences?

These are all the activities offered by professionals in the territories: guided tours, excursions, tastings, workshops, tours, vacation packages. Among the Experiences you will also find Services for the traveler (accommodations, catering, rentals, etc.) and showcases for the sale of local and artisanal Products. You can search for experiences that are right for you, book, buy, request tailor-made, securely.

What Events do I find in SharryLand?

Find events outside the classic tourist circuits and art cities: traditional events (such as the Patron's Day), historical re-enactments, recurring events and fixed appointments of local communities (such as markets), cultural events, reviews, festivals, exhibitions.

What are Gold Profiles?

These are the profiles of tourism and leisure professionals, local producers and experts in the area.

What are Small Homelands?

Small Homelands is a national program that aims to redesign tourism routes under the banner of "community tourism," slow and low environmental impact, to experience the area as "temporary citizens," together with local communities.

How do I find content related to my interests in the Map of Wonders?

You can search for leisure inspirations, Wonders, experiences, travel, local products and other services in the Map using our search engine. From the Explore page, use the search bar to discover Map content near you by activating geolocation. Otherwise, you can also set up a keyword search based on the place you are interested in, or the type of proposals you are looking for (e.g., "castles," "wine," "guided tours"). Also use filters to do an even more precise search based on your interests, date, and distance in kilometers.


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