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Share, Save, Contact

How and why to share SharryLand content?

Every content on the Map of Wonders (Profiles, Experiences, Wonders, Events) is shareable outside and inside SharryLand. Sharing serves to circulate the beauty around us and to grow the Community. Plus, every consivision gives you cherries!

Share button in the upper right corner and choose the channel you prefer: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, and as a private message on Instagram. You can also share content to other SharryLand users, using Direct Message.

What are the Collections?

Collections are your personal collections of Map of Wonders content: places, itineraries, experiences, useful services, people, anything that inspires you to plan your next trips! Log into "Your Travel Collections," click on Create Collection, give it a name, and start saving your favorite content! How. Click Save on the page of the content you want to include in the Collection. Each click on Save gives you cherries!
When you register, you will already find 3 predefined Collections: "My Favorites" (which collects all the content you've put a Heart to) and two other Travel Collections that you can fill in as you like.

What are the Hearts for?

The Heart is our "like." Every time you put the Heart in a SharryLand content, it is saved in your Collections, inside "My Favorites." Every Heart you leave gives you cherries!.

What are cherries good for?

Cherries are "points" you collect through your activities on the platform. Each Cherry Action you take and receive on the Wonder Map raises your Ciliegiometer:Follow, Like, Comment, Share, Create Collections, Recommend Wonders. Cherry meters update every morning.

Wonders, Experiences and Events also have a Cherry meter! Invite your friends to take Cherry Actions on your favorite content to get them into the Top 5! Soon, cherries will entitle you to benefits and discounts, one more reason to stock up.

I want to contact a SharryLander, how do I do that?

You can use SharryLand chat: go into Chat and type in the search bar the name of the profile you want to contact. Or, go directly to the profile and click on Write Me. Alternatively, you can use the contacts that the person themselves have shared in their profile.


What are Widgets used for?

If you have your own website, Widgets allow you to embed SharryLand content directly into your pages. The benefits are several: you can bring to your site all the tools provided by SharryLand for booking, selling and community building. Plus, you bring your territory, your network and the Map of Wonders to your site.

To learn more explore the Widgets section


We are here to help you

If you have concerns, suggestions or plans for your area, write to us or come and meet us at the Tuesday webinar.