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Servizi Turistici di Prossimità

Seeker of Wonders

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Massimo Nesti


What we are going to do

Carlo Jacono, a famous Italian illustrator and painter whose hundreds of original plates are in the possession of the Rosellini Foundation, has made the covers of Mondadori books into true works of art. After a presentation by the artist, children and parents will take a close look at the illustrations created by Jacono on display at the Foundation and create a cover inspired by him using the watercolor technique. An art workshop that winks at modern fiction. The workshops last about an hour and a half, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., and are held at the Foundation's headquarters. Children and parents p...

A Story to Draw: graphic novel workshops for children and teens in Senigallia and Marzocca

Free workshops in preparation for Comic Book Contest on the discoveries of mankind

Senigallia, AN

2 hours


Participants 1


Included services and info

What is needed

Customary clothing. You will be able to get dirty with the colors even if they are washable.


Italian, English

Pets allowed


Reduced mobility



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Servizi Turistici di Prossimità

Seeker of Wonders

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