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Zeddiani, the village of Aunt Veronica

A little journey of discovery of Sicily by Veronica Serra

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09070 Zeddiani OR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Zeddiani is a village in the province of Oristano where the stones of the houses mingle with earthy colors that pay homage to the village's traditional lifestyles. All this in the midst of a fertile and bountiful countryside, so much so that Zeddiani holds the record in Sardinia and the second place in Italy for what concerns the recognition of the controlled designation of origin.

Why it is special: the true soul of Zeddiani.

Agriculture and art, nature and color. This is how the soul of Zeddiani can be summed up. Taking a walk through its center, one passes by the beautiful murals that adorn it. They are mostly scenes of peasant life, although one of them stands out from the others because of its subject: the portrait of an elderly lady stands out against a background made up of small squares, which look like small paintings. This lady is Veronica Serra, a local painter born in 1923 into a farming family here. It was she who inspired the love of art shared by many of her fellow citizens.

A little history: who was Aunt Veronica, the pride of the village

Veronica Serra, or Aunt Veronica, as she signed herself, is an example of determination and passion. She left her studies early, as was the custom for little girls, to help around the house. But she wanted to be a painter, and she did. She carried on her art by narrating the moments of daily life. In a time of misery and suffering, her works lovingly recounted the collective rituals of work in the countryside, village festivals, or activities carried out in homes. The bright, garish colors speak of a friendly nature, almost in an eternal springtime. Some of his works are now part of Zeddiani's civic collection.

Not to be missed: the countryside of Zeddiani

The countryside painted by Aunt Veronica is wonderful, but more importantly, it is within reach. One should not miss the opportunity to take a tour among the carefully tilled fields that yield vernaccia, rice, tomatoes, and many other tasty products. In this regard, the advice is to drop by Zeddiani in August, for the festival dedicated to tomatoes: on this occasion the ladies of the Pro Loco give their best by cooking typical recipes for friends and visitors to taste. Try it to believe.

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