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Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin

Sometimes it is good to leave the visitor's shoes and become a guest

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Where is


Via Roma, 19, 35040 Vescovana PD, Italia (7m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

If I said "Villa Pisani," what would come to your mind? Most of you would think of the well-known Villa Pisani in Strà. Well, the Pisani family, like many other noble families of the Venetian patriciate, owned more than one villa. In Vescovana, in the middle of the agricultural plains of the Bassa Padovana, stands the 16th-century Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin, a house that is still inhabited today, and known the world over for its fantastic garden where, every spring, thousands of colorful tulips bloom.

Why it is special

I arrive in front of a large gate, from which the villa can be glimpsed. I ring and a lady with an elegant and refined air invites me in: it is Mariella, the owner. She begs me to visit the exterior while I wait for her. The garden has a geometric fan-shaped layout, with beds of boxwood and roses perfuming the air. Just beyond, in the park, the avenues are the realm of light, shadow and ancient trees. I retrace my steps so as not to get lost and find the countess under the arbor. She invites me to sit with her as I am carried away by the telling of her story....

Not to be missed

Every year, between March 20 and April 20, bright and cheerful colors explode in this garden. They are the more than 100 thousand Dutch tulips that mingle with the grass and wild flowers in the villa's garden, and can be seen during the Giardinity event. Weekends and holidays bring together excellent exhibitors of flowers, crafts and taste.

A bit of history

Evelina, wife of the last descendant of the Pisani family, faced the death of her husband and the dissolution of the family fortune in the late 19th century. So it was that she rolled up her sleeves and with passion and determination managed to bring the family farm to prominence , but without giving up a bit of beauty. So it was that a vast dry, sunny field became a rational Italian garden combined with a romantic English park. And to remember his Flemish origins, he decided to plant thousands of tulip bulbs, creating a palette of colors, breathtaking!


"Plants talk to each other and to us, you know?" asked Mariella. "If you don't believe it come back and visit me to participate in a Forest Bath." After about a week I was there again. A naturalist would guide us to listen to nature and discover its therapeutic power over us. Seeking a truer contact with the grass and trees, the fear that I might get lost in the woods gave way to feelings of well-being and carefreeness. A true relaxing bath in the green! If you would like to try it, guided green immersions are offered again every year, from spring to fall.

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Alessandra Di Dia

The owner's welcome and spontaneity made me experience her as a guest rather than a visitor. The large garden park, away from the noise of the city, allowed me to reconnect with my true self.


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