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A crossroads of histories, peoples and cultures at the gateway to Lessinia

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37030 Vestenanova VR, Italia (504m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Here the three valleys of Alpone, Chiampo and Illasi converge. Here, history, art and spirituality meet with fossils, witnesses to a time long ago, and capitals, crosses and fountains, which testify to the rural life of the local people. This and much more is the Municipality of Vestenanova, a heart formed by four hamlets: the Vestene, Vestenanova and Vestenavecchia, Castelvero, and Bolca. Placed on various levels, from 300 to 1000 meters above sea level, it offers bucolic landscapes to those who travel its roads and paths.

Why it is special

What really makes Vestenanova special are the people. Thanks to them, wonderful custodians of traditions, crafts, culture and typical local agricultural products, we can enjoy these lands not as a landscape to be observed, almost a picture hung in a museum, but experience it in all its facets. Not surprisingly, there are numerous Associations that help enliven the area throughout the year with events related to traditions. From the Paleontology Festival to the Palio dell'Oco.

Not to be missed

There are so many festivals that chase each other throughout the year that it is really difficult to list them all. Many invite us to discover local goodness, such as the bolca potato, others cross borders and bring back among these valleys suggestions that come from afar, such as the Woodstock-inspired music festival, Vestenastock. Still others follow traditions, sporting events, and, finally, people. For example, you may not have known that right here is the Tourist Festival. There's no denying it, this is one heck of a welcome!

A bit of history

Vestenanova was owned by the Venetian patrician family of the Emo lords for very many years and was part of the Republic of Venice until 1797. A parchment kept in the Town Hall, dated 1604, signed by the Doge of Venice, reports the tax victory of the people of Vestenanova against the Emo lords, with the reduction of tax rights in their favor. A character dear to the community's memory is Don Attilio Benetti, parish priest of Vestenanova during World War II. He wrote a memoir entitled "Vestenanova in the Hurricane," a chronicle of the dramatic war events from '43 to '45.


If anyone wants to dive into traditional cuisine, they will find bread for their teeth in Vestenanova: sua santità el masc-io, cauci, torta marasina, and much more, all to be tasted!

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Vestenanova is the most northeastern municipality in the Province of Verona: rich in history, world-famous for Bolca fossils, overlooking several valleys, and with ancient traditions and events that enliven it throughout the year.

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