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Valley of the mills on the Sheet

Undisputed kingdom of ancient factories, mills and hammers

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Where is


22020 Dizzasco CO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Lush vegetation, the song of the river, and a path full of surprises: this is now the Valley of the Mills, along the Telo, but at one time, as its name suggests, it was an industrious area, where numerous hydraulic-powered factories, especially mills and hammers, were active. The voice of the river then, was accompanied by the screeching of gears, the heavy movement of millstones, and the blows of the hammers of the hammers. It sounds almost unbelievable, doesn't it?

Why it is special

The path to cross it is very easy, just start from the center of Dizzasco and, following a mule track and passing a medieval humpback bridge, reach Cerano. And as our steps wander through the woods of the area, we cannot help but think back to the rural life of the past and the beauty of when those human rhythms were in perfect accord with the natural ones.

Not to be missed

Today we no longer see all the factories that give this valley its name. Of the many buildings dating from around 1650/1700, today, only five are in good condition, but converted into private homes or arranged for other use.However, one can still admire the wheel and chimney, as well as the remains of canal works, originally as long as several kilometers, which were used to convey water to the wheels. The Traversa mill was the last to stop grinding in 1975.

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