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A leap into the traditions of Suni

A hamlet that knows how to exploit its resources

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09090 Suni OR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Suni is a small village in the province of Oristano that does not figure among the most popular tourist destinations. Yet right here portai enjoy the beauty of the Planargia nature, taste the simple but genuine local products, such as Malvasia, and make interesting excursions in the surroundings.

Why it's special: tradition on display with murals

In Suni, tradition is still very strong and felt by the inhabitants. In particular, the link with the rural and pastoral heritage, also represented on some walls of the village with murals, has remained very alive. And here, walking through the streets of the village you can experience the cultural traditions at 360 degrees, admire the local crafts and discover monuments and interesting archaeological remains.

Not to be missed: religious festivals

The churches of San Pancrazio and Santa Maria ad Nives dominate the urban center of Suni, characterized by a population of about a thousand inhabitants. The saint is celebrated in mid-May with processions, songs and traditional dances. This is the beginning of a period of festivities that see a succession of the feast of St. Narcissus, celebrated in June in the charming country church that bears his name, the feast of the patron saint in August, and, at the end of September, Saints Cosmas and Damian are celebrated.

Curiosity: the house museum "Tiu Virgiliu"

The House Museum is a significant testimony to the peasant and artisan culture of the period between the 19th and 20th centuries and includes in its itinerary more than a thousand pieces, related to the various agro-pastoral and commercial activities that characterized the village's economy until after World War I. Located in the heart of the old village, in the incontrada "Mesu Idda," it is the living sign of popular culture. The name, "Tiu Virgiliu," is in memory of its last owner.

A bit of history

Suni was already inhabited in pre-Nuragic times, as evidenced by the remains of Domus de janas, hypogean necropolis and Nuraghi. In the Middle Ages it belonged to the Giudicato of Torres and was part of the curatoria of Planargia. Over the centuries it was subjected to the rule of several Giudicati and was also a feud until 1839 when the feudal system was abolished. In 2003 it passed from the province of Nuoro to that of Oristano, where it still figures.

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