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The Garden of Delights

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70024 Gravina in Puglia BA, Italia (360m s.l.m.)

On the territory

Terre di Murge Experience

Seeker of Wonders
Hello, I'm Oronzo, and I'll take you to discover my wonderful land: the Alta Murgia National Park, a dry but rich land in history and traditions, environment, and gastronomy. Shall we?

The Garden of Delights

The Murgia extends between Puglia and Basilicata, the land of Magna Graecia, the Roman Empire, and Frederick II, who called it ‘Garden of Delights’. It's a karstic land with caves, hypogea, and dolines called 'Puli,' and small villages perched on the hills, offering breathtaking panoramas. You'll find majestic cathedrals, rock churches, and ancient habitats like the 'Sassi' of Matera. And there's no shortage of woods and lakes. It's an unmistakable land with its dry stone walls and trulli built with Murgia stones up to the trullo capital: Alberobello.
terre-di-murgeGravina di Puglia

History Passes Through the Murge

In the eastern Murge, the long path of the first asphalted road passes, the ‘Appia Antica,’ also known as Regina Viarum, passing through Spinazzola, Gravina in Puglia (formerly Silvium), today traversed by many walkers.


The Alta Murgia is rich in trattorias and osterias where you can taste all the delights of Murgia cuisine: wild herbs, handmade pasta with durum wheat semolina, cardoncelli mushrooms, meat and dairy specialties, bread and focaccia, along with the good wines of the area; the typical homemade bread of Murgia and the DOP bread of Altamura; and the Pallone di Gravina, an ancient aged cheese from the tradition of transhumant shepherds. Emperor Frederick was not wrong: the Murgia is truly a Garden of Delights. A stay or a weekend in the Murgia, and you won't want to leave!

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