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Lands of the Euganean Hills

The volcanic paradise that inspired Petrarch

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Colli Euganei, 35030 Vo PD, Italia (186m s.l.m.)


Welcome! My name is Anna Maria and I want to introduce you to a land that I love very much: the Euganean Hills.

A regional park protected since 1989, 15 municipalities, a hundred hills, more than 200 walkable trails, villas, churches, abbeys, castles, and much more. The Euganean Hills, of volcanic origin, rise unexpectedly in the middle of the Po Valley. They are an area to get to know and appreciate in its many different views and in its culinary, wine and olive oil traditions.

terre-dei-colli-euganeiCastello del Catajo: aperitif and pick nick at sunset

Over time, its Microclimate has allowed the creation of wooded areas, grasslands and even Mediterranean scrub typical of warmer places; more favorable than a very humid and swampy plain, it explains the ancient settlement of monasteries, abbeys, villas and peasant courts and today facilitates the development of many B&Bs, Farmhouses, Hotels. In addition, the thermal places in the area north of the hills (Terme Euganee) are still a place of pilgrimage for men and women who go to the pools, pools and healing muds to seek and often find healing.

terre-dei-colli-euganeiThe villa Mariani wine estate, against the backdrop of Mount Roverolla, with historic trachyte quarries

The Euganean Hills, are also called "heaven on earth!" Even Francesco Petrarch thought so when he elected Arquà as the place where he could live the last years of his life peacefully, and writing to a friend he described this place as, "If only I could show you the second Elicona that for you and the Muses I have set up in the Euganean Hills, I really think that from there you would never want to leave."

This is the place that I grew up, that I love and you must come and see for yourself!

terre-dei-colli-euganeiFrancesco Petrarca's house, in Arquà

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