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Tergoland between art and nature

Dream and reality meet on the banks of the Tergola River

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Where is


Via Panigale, 30, 35011 Campodarsego PD, Italia (17m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Are you familiar with the Tergola River? It is the longest resurgence river in the Padovano region, springing from underground springs near Onara. Its banks wind quietly, but at Bronzola di Campodarsego the surprises begin. It happens, in fact, to notice around you strange animal, anthropomorphic, or object figures. They are sculptures made from salvaged materials or wood, set in nature but springing from the dreamlike world of traditions and legends. This borderland between the real world and the fantasy world is named after the waters that caress it: this is Tergolandia Park.

Why it is special

"Travel is a door through which one leaves reality to penetrate the dream." This is a phrase by Gui de Maupassant, but it seems to have been written with Tergolandia Park in mind. Ingenuity and imagination come together and create a fairy place, populated by magical creatures, available to all. But there is one more piece: love. This is what moved two associations, Arcobaleno aps and Scultori Patavini Picchio Rosso, to create the sculptures that make the park unique. And it is always love for the area and the people who live it that has prompted local realities to support the project and care for it.

Not to be missed

If you look carefully you will find that the sculptures follow a precise design, creating six fantastic places where you can meet Mother Nature who shapes everything, the gnomes and goblins but also the giants and guardians who guard the day and the night, to the great trees that tell us the story of Nature. If you are more of a pragmatist than a dreamer, you will appreciate the section that enhances folk traditions thanks to the presence of utensils related to the rural world, and who knows, maybe its proximity to fairy tales and colors will help you rediscover the joy of dreaming, and of becoming a child again for a moment.

A bit of history

The area has been inhabited for a long time. This is evidenced by the nearby church of Panigale or Campanigalli, which dates back to the 7th-8th centuries and is one of the oldest churches in the Padua area. Inside, it is interesting to note the presence of curious graffiti in the shape of a cross, left as an act of faith by pilgrims or soldiers who passed by, but also in the shape of a wagon and a ladder. The church was recovered in the 1970s-80s thanks to the Alpini and the Superintendent of Environmental Heritage.


A legend tells that in the Swamp of Onara and Tergola lived the Dragon Otrelog, a friend of the Dragon Brago of Arquà Petrarca. One day their fate crossed that of St. George. The two dragons, however, did not want to fight, and together they convinced the saint not to kill them: after all, all three were God's creatures! So profound was the agreement that arose between them that they became guardians of the waters, land and air of the Agredo Valley.

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Tergolandia is a timeless place in which to fully breathe in the various seasons of life and to travel through imagination. Impossible not to fall in love with it.


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