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Concordia Theater in San Costanzo

In the massive and austere keep, a theater opens in the 700s.

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Where is


Via Montegrappa, 4, 61039 San Costanzo PU, Italia (152m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the heart of San Costanzo, a small fortified village in the Marche region on a rise near the sea, stands the "Della Concordia" Theater. It was built in 1721 on the basis of a castle ravelin, and the exterior still retains the austere appearance of the 15th-century keep. Since 1987 it has again been open to the arts and enthusiasts: it seats up to 200 spectators on two tiers of boxes and gallery arranged in a horseshoe shape. Although it lost its original wooden structures and 18th-century decorations during restoration in 1935, it remains a jewel, with excellent acoustics.

Why it is special

All theaters have a charm that smacks of magic. La Concordia, in particular, expresses the period of greatest artistic and cultural fervor in San Costanzo, when literati often gathered in the cultural salons of Palazzo Cassi and the theater hosted prestigious previews. Vincenzo Monti (1754-1828) is said to have premiered his tragedies there, involving his beautiful daughter and local noble families as actors.

A bit of history

Not a theater intended for patrician families, as was usually thought, but a theater open to the people. This is evident from a document in which the young people of San Costanzo asked the papal legate for permission "to rapresent some plays and draw three tombolas there [...] and to have a comic company act there."


With any luck, from the stage of the theater you can see ... the sea! Oh yes: the actor who bows to receive the applause can push his gaze beyond the doorway to the stalls and then further still, beyond the wide-open window, and there, down there at the bottom, is the blue sea!

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