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Aycardi Theater, Finalborgo

The oldest nineteenth-century theater in Liguria

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Where is


Piazza Aicardi, 17024 Finale Ligure SV, Italia (16m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

It could almost go unnoticed, were it not for that elegant pastel hue that highlights the white of the gable, pilasters, and cornice. A whiteness not given by marble, since it is painted architecture, but made with such care that the end result is harmonious and soothing. In fact, looking at this façade, it comes naturally to wonder if once we walk through the door it will still be those light hues with such a soft air that will welcome us. And this is only the beginning. Are you ready to discover Finalborgo's Aycardi Theater?

Why it is special

The graceful simplicity of the exterior carries over into the interior as well. The small stalls are bordered by columns that make the space fluid and prepare the eye to ascend along the two tiers of 24 boxes that culminate in the gallery, bordered by light columns that support the ornate ceiling. Here, too, the hues are mostly in pastel tones, the figures are few, festoons and garlands of flowers that with their simplicity leave the eye free to wander lightly over the surfaces. The body and mind also relax, so that the performance that will take place on the stage will find viewers ready to immerse themselves in it.

A bit of history

Finalborgo lacked an educational hub where young people could be initiated into beauty and culture, and where families from good could gather. So it was that in 1803 the very leading families of the town prepared the plan for the construction of a theater out of the Oratory of the Fathers of the Pious Schools, and arranged for its financing. Despite its modest size, the Aycardi Theater was very active throughout the century. In 1965 it was closed due to unfit for use. It had to wait until 2019 for restoration and reopening. Today, the theater can finally be visited as part of the Finale Diffuse Museum Project.


Finalborgo's love of music is undeniable. Not for nothing, the Aycardi is the oldest nineteenth-century theater in Liguria. The city was so proud of its little gem that in 1845 it promoted the creation of an opera expressly designed for its theater. It was "L'empirico ed il Masnadiero," with a libretto by Lazzaro Damezzano and music by G.B. Oldoini.

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A sober façade painted in faux architecture on the curvilinear front of Aycardi Square in Finalborgo conceals the Aycardi Theater, the oldest preserved 19th-century theater in Liguria. It is a small 19th-century jewel.