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Napoleonic Road

A walk that gives emotions

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Where is

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Strada Napoleonica, 34151 Trieste TS, Italia (262m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Popular for relaxing walks or outdoor sports, it captivates with the beauty of its views. Skirting the rocky ridge of the Trieste Karst, it allows an overall view of the Gulf of Trieste, ranging from Croatia to the Julian Pre-Alps. It connects the towns of Opicina and Prosecco, passing from 276 to 343 meters above sea level, over 3.7 km total. A parallel trail makes it possible to turn back by taking a different route and reach the vedetta d'Italia, the best vantage point on the entire coast.

Why it's special

Suspended between the rocks and the sea, this place is a cure for the soul and has always belonged to the community that, in its beauty, lives it daily, far from mass tourism and respecting its nature.

Not to be missed

To call it a road is reductive. When you stand on its path and stop for a moment to admire the landscape, you understand that you are on an immense terrace. The best sight? The sunset, without a doubt. The red disk of the sun melting little by little into the waters of the Gulf of Trieste until it melts into its own reflection is a sight not to be missed.

A bit of history

It is a road designed in 1821 by engineer Giacomo Vicentini, which later became a nature trail. The name Strada Napoleonica (Napoleonic Road) is based on a rumor that it was first traced and traveled by Napoleonic soldiers. There is also a second, more concrete name: Strada Vicentina, linked to the name of its designer.

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Mario Andrea Francavilla

It is a romantic and unique trail, skirting the rocky flank of the Trieste Karst, overlooking the sea, stretching its gaze over the gulf from the Julian Pre-Alps to Croatia. You will also find wonderful nature there.


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