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Someraro, a tranquil balcony over the Borromean Gulf

A sweet break overlooking the lake

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Where is


Largo della Minola, 24, 28838 Someraro VB, Italia (458m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Someraro is a small village of a few souls, located along the scenic Selvalunga road, which climbs the hillside from Stresa through a dense chestnut forest, along a serpentine series of hairpin bends. Its houses spread out on the steep slope, forming one true balcony overlooking the lake. Gathered around the one small square where the town hall and church stand, the rest is just a maze of narrow, quiet streets.

Why it is special

Strolling through them, one is fascinated by the beauty of some of the houses, mostly owned by some foreigners who like to retire here in tranquility during holiday periods. Little corners of paradise, most of the time carved out of old stone cottages, rearranged with wise architectural taste, respecting the surrounding environment.

Don't miss

From this small village the view is truly priceless and the glimpse you catch here is certainly the most picturesque: the preponderant blue of the lake mirror expands into the striking Borromeo Gulf, within which the three islands, Bella, Madre and dei Pescatori, seem almost painted; in the distance, framing the mountains of Ossola and Switzerland. Enjoying this spectacle, perhaps at sunset, is like getting a fill of oxygen for the whole organism: the gaze seems to be able to embrace the whole lake, lulled by the fresh air coming in from the hills and the only subdued and distant sound of the slow going of the boat engines.

A bit of history

Just outside the town, in a panoramic position, next to the village cemetery, stands the delightful oratory dedicated to St. Bernard of Aosta, which was apparently built as far back as the 12th century by the inhabitants of Carciano, who took refuge in Someraro itself following a violent earthquake. The small church soon became the central parish of the community and remained so until 1887 when, for convenience, the population decided on the building of a more central church, the one that still faces the town square and was named after Our Lady of the Belt.


The Oratory of St. Bernard is a small "gem," whose snow-white building stands out against the verdant surroundings and is a firm landmark for those arriving from the main road.

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It is an oasis of peace and refreshment for the soul: spending a few days here is truly the ideal vacation, offering interesting insights and itineraries in a mix of nature, relaxation and culture, rediscovering the little things.


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