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Soldano, agricultural village that produces Rossese di Dolceacqua wine

The flower garden of the Ligurian hinterland

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Where is


Corso Verbone, 1, 18036 Soldano IM, Italia (84m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

We realize right away the importance of agriculture in this area. In fact, although not so far from the sea, it is still an inland village that does not live off the direct tourism of those who opt for a vacation along the Riviera dei Fiori. Yet, as you climb the hill overlooking the medieval settlement, as you stroll among the vineyards and smell the priceless scent of mimosas in bloom, you will catch a glimpse of the sea and almost feel as if you can feel the salt on your face, carried by the wind as it channels through the valley. An enchanting inland flower garden, all waiting to be discovered.

Why it is special

To the west of the Verbone stream a small cluster of houses with facing stones, gathered around the so-called "new" square; to the east the newer villas, town hall and school. All enclosed among the small hills of Alta Val Crosia, with wide cultivated terraces located everywhere: olive trees, fig trees, roses, broom and, of course, the vineyards from which the fine Rossese di Dolceacqua wine is made.

Not to be missed

The unmissable appointment with food and wine culture is in July and it is the event "In the niches of Rossese." The goal, in addition to publicizing this extraordinary typical product of western Liguria, is to allow the pleasure of tasting in the magical setting of a medieval village, with the carruggi animated by concerts, exhibitions and shows, surrounded by the scent of flowers that never runs out here.

A bit of history

The fact that agriculture is so important to the village of Soldano is evidenced as early as a notarial deed dated October 1, 1257, regarding the sale of a plot of land, by a certain Brunus de castro Soldano to Gandolfo Mossoto. Today, this fundamental relationship with the agricultural dimension endures. Not only that. In 1972, the prized Rossese di Dolceacqua wine, became the first Ligurian DOC. And, even in a period of total immobility such as that due to the Covid emergency, many companies have already reorganized to sell the product at home.

<img src="" alt="Soldano"><span>Glimpse of the church of St. John the Baptist and the village's central settlement as seen from the southeast side of the square - Ph: Luigiandrea Luppino <a href="" target="_blank">© Source</a></span></div></p><button class="sharry-small mat-mdc-button content__show-preview">See All</button></div>

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As we walk up Via IX Luglio, which leads us from Corso Verbone into the small world of hidden carruggi, our gaze is drawn to two niches embedded in the wide dry-stone wall in which scenes of agricultural life in the village are depicted.