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Smerillo and its castle

On the "roof of Marche," an ancient castle nestled in the Apennines

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Where is


63856 Smerillo FM, Italia (778m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Smerillo is a small historic village located about 800 meters above sea level in the province of Fermo, Marche. It is a medieval village with typical exposed stone buildings and narrow, quiet streets. Remaining, of the ancient grandeur, are the ruins of the town wall and castle, the north gate and the "cassero." At the highest point of the village, the black of a tall wrought-iron cross stands out against the white of the snow-capped Sibillini Mountains. This is a place of peace. And many nature trails wind through the surrounding forest. It is one of the many towns affected by the devastating earthquake in central Italy in 2016.

Why it is special

Smerillo is known to be one of the most fascinating panoramic terraces in Central Italy and has breathtaking scenery to offer: to the west, inland, a view of the highest mountains still covered in snow, while to the east, on days when the air is clear, you can see the Adriatic Sea in the distance. In short, a grandiose landscape enclosed in a precious little gem guarded by the mountains.

Not to be missed

In October, if you happen to be in the village during the third Sunday of the month, you can enjoy the beautiful "Castagnata in piazza." If, on the other hand, you should go there in the summer , you can venture to the open-air cinema ferragosto, at an altitude of 800 meters, under an unmissable starry landscape. And if you love literature and poetry, don't miss the festival "The Words of the Mountain." In every season, restaurant and innkeepers await you with open arms in the village, with genuine cuisine and local products that will delight your senses.


In the sandstone rock cavities typical of the area once lived the Porbeagle (Falco Colombarius), called Smirillu in the local dialect. Hence the name of the village.

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We climb up what remains of the ancient castle, and from here the winter landscape can be breathed in full force in the air that blows lightly from the north as the view falls back to the snow-capped peaks of the Sibillini Mountains.


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