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Fisherman's Village Paleontological Site

Hunting for fossils by following in the footsteps of dinosaurs and paleontologists

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Where is

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Frazione Villaggio Del Pescatore, 162, 34011 Duino-Aurisina TS, Italia (15m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The paleontological site of the Fisherman's Village is at first glance just a quarry: it was opened in the rock in the 1990s, with many precise cuts in the rock, leaving bare vertical walls and a shiny, flat floor, with lush, intrusive vegetation at the edges that intends to reappropriate the space. A unique feature of this place is its genesis: related solely to the discovery of paleontological remains and therefore not for commercial purposes as is the case in almost all cases.

Why it is special

Actually, guided by an expert, you can discover many things: the various types of rocks, the many fossil remains, found and not yet excavated and studied, the perfect reproductions of the two famous dinosaurs found here, Antonio and Bruno, and the whole history of that ecosystem 70 million years ago that became the Karst we know. The first real protagonist of this story is Antony himself, a herbivorous dinosaur skeleton, 97 percent complete and, what's more, of a new species endemic to this area.

Not to be missed

At the paleontological site it is always possible to engage in a splendid workshop called "fossil hunting" for adults and children, where by buying by weight American rocks, provided by the Gemina cooperative, which manages the site, it is possible to find real fossils to frame and then take home. Of course, being real rocks one will have to work in earnest and the result is totally unpredictable, as is beautiful and normal in nature.

A bit of history

December 1990. A local newspaper announced the discovery of dinosaurs in Karst rocks. Immediately, experts in the field began extensive field research, finding the first fossil remains of dinosaurs. Of all of them, it was the then geology student Tiziana Brazzati who stumbled upon the real star of this place-Antonus. Lots of other fossil remains of various kinds were found, a 70-million-year-old ecosystem. Today, thanks to the cooperative that manages it, it is possible to visit the quarry area and deepen one's knowledge of paleontology, with exhibitions, experiences and workshops.


Antonio is not the only dinosaur found at this site: for all these years, he has had the company of Bruno, a misunderstood dinosaur: he fossilized in an unimaginable position, so much so that he was initially mistaken for a turtle. It will soon be exhibited together with Antonio's original at the Museum of Natural History in Trieste.

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It is a quarry opened in Karst rock in the 1990s, following the discovery of Italy's most complete dinosaur-Antony. To date, 7 more dinosaurs and fossils of many other organisms from that ancient ecosystem have been found there.


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