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Where is


Serrungarina, 61030 Colli al Metauro PU, Italia (236m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the province of Pesaro-Urbino, Serrungarina is a place off the usual tourist trail. The road leading to the village winds gently through the hills of the Marche, and as you climb, buildings and industry give way to expanses of sunflowers and agricultural fields. Once there, a red-brick staircase, the only access to the village, leads you into an intimate and familiar atmosphere, amid the welcoming smiles of the inhabitants and unexpected glimpses.

Why it is special

If you visit the hamlet hoping to find special monuments or long trails you will probably be disappointed. Getting lost among the few narrow streets of the village, being guided by the scents coming from the houses, searching for the details hidden among the houses and letting your eyes wander among the expanses and hills: this is instead the recipe to fully appreciate Serrungarina.

Not to be missed

Serrungarina is the land of the Pera Angelica, a unique and prized fruit that makes this village a nationwide producer. Every year on the first weekend of September, the Pera Angelica Festival is celebrated with tastings, shows and craft stalls-a special opportunity to discover the flavors and traditions of this place.

A bit of history

Serrungarina, formerly called Brisighella, was initially founded as a refuge during the conflict between the Goths and Greeks that took place in the 6th century. The fortress that still surrounds the village today was built only in 1343 when the Malatesta family took control of the village. The current name of Serrungarina also dates back to this century, which seems to derive from a renowned notary who lived at that time: Ser' Ungaro degli Atti.


A trip to these parts cannot leave out a foray into local flavors. I propose a recipe for a delicious jam made from Angelica pears to be enjoyed on bread or to accompany sheep's milk ricotta or caciotta cheese from Urbino. Put one kilogram of ripe pears (previously peeled and chopped) in a saucepan, douse them with the juice of half a lemon and add 350gr. of brown sugar, the grated rind of the lemon and 500gr. of coarsely chopped walnuts. Cook on low heat for about two hours.

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A village of red bricks, a window on the hills and a bell tower that marks the hours of a time that seems to have stopped. This is Serrungarina: a place of peace where you can rediscover the pleasure of silence and an unspoiled landscape.