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Trail of big trees

At the foot of the Little Dolomites


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SP100, 34, 36076 Recoaro Terme VI, Italia (983m s.l.m.)


One of the most beautiful hikes in the Vicenza Prealps, surrounded by greenery and surrounded by mountains, suitable for young and old.

The trail

In the locality of Recoaro Mille you can set off on an exciting hike, but suitable for everyone from the length of about 12 km, with an elevation gain of 300 m and a maximum altitude of 1178 m. A well-marked route starts from the arrival station of the gondola lift that goes up from the center of Recoaro, next to which is a majestic, centuries-old beech tree, the "fagaro of the chairlift," and enters a plateau full of pastures, pools of water and magnificent, imposing trees. In fact, the route touches a long series of plant patriarchs, true living monuments that, from the height of their age and grandeur, constitute a historical and cultural heritage as well as a naturalistic and environmental one. Some of them even have names, for example, the majestic "Linte delle Montagnole" located, to be precise, in the Montagnole locality. But the surprises do not end there. The presence of man is very deep-rooted in these territories, and is still discernible in the alpine pasture pools, the peat bog encountered along the way, and the characteristic alpine huts that dot the landscape.

01-paesaggio.jpgAlong the Trail of the Big Trees

The amazing thing about trails like the Big Trees Trail is that, despite their infinite beauty, one only has to push one's gaze a little farther over the horizon to feel a sense of wonder and peace pervade. Here in particular, travelers are accompanied by the benevolent gaze of the peaks of the Little Dolomites, particularly the Carega group, Pasubio, Novegno and the Sengio Alto chain.

Historical traces

This route is interesting because it also tells us the history of rural territories. For example, in the locality of Frasnida there are several rural buildings with typical sloping stone roofs, some with external wooden balconies, and barns with the characteristic "T" portal. Man has settled in these areas since time immemorial, and it is easy to imagine why: plants have always been sources of material wealth, providing firewood, litter for animals, rafters for roofs... To be honest, at that time it was difficult for a plant to get old and reach a considerable size. Only in particular situations were some trees spared, for example, if they were used to shelter livestock from the sun. And this is precisely the case on the Great Trees Trail, where once there were only pastures, and large plants stood isolated for this purpose, while today they are once again hidden within thick brush, which grew up after man abandoned mountain activities.

02-riflessi.jpgA body of water of rare beauty

A priceless heritage

So much wealth is now catalogued thanks to the census of Big Trees in the province of Vicenza, carried out by the Veneto Regional Council and WWF. This very study clarified how Recoaro, and especially the Plateau of the Mountains and the area of Recoaro Mille, is one of the locations with the highest concentration of Big Trees in the province. Further observations and research have confirmed the incredible wealth of plant patriarchs in this area, a splendid green setting at the foot of the Little Dolomites.

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