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Giant Fir Trail

Wonderful trail in a forest with ancient trees and firs reaching 50 meters in height...


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Where is

Trentino-Alto Adige

38026 Ossana TN, Italia (995m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

A well-marked two-loop trail starts from the Valpiana forest house. A short one of about 2.7 km and the other of 7.3 km, which can be walked in 2 or 5 hours respectively. Beech, yew, white and spruce trees thrive in this forest. Their unique development is linked to a favorable microclimate and non-invasive exploitation of the forest. Along the way some panels tell about the characteristics of the place, the history and the various curiosities related to the most important trees encountered. The longest route reaches Malga Val de Stua at 1400m asl, a beautiful pasture at the edge of the forest and at the foot of Mount Pavione. From this point there is a 360-degree panorama of the beautiful Unesco Pale di San Martino Dolomites, the Lagorai and the Vette Feltrine (Belluno Dolomites).

Why it is special

The unspoiled nature gives emotions and a lot of peace.

Don't miss

The breathtaking panorama of Malga Val de Stua. The relaxation of the picnic area of the forest lodge, the monumental trees....

A bit of history

In addition to tales of forest work, timber fluctuation and charcoal burning, there are stories of the famous Avedon de Val de Stua, one of the largest monumental silver fir trees in Italy with a circumference of as much as six meters!


At the "Posa del Ors" you often think you will find the bear bathing.... Actually this puddle provides useful water for deer, roe deer... but only two wooden statues remain of the bear.

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