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West Prosecco Coastal Trail

Between land, sea and silence

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Where is

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Prosecco (Monumento), 34151 Prosecco-Contovello TS, Italia (215m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

A wide, comfortable trail winds through the karst forest among broadleaf and needle trees. Lots of wild herb species explode in spring and alternate along the way until autumn. Various side trails lose themselves in the heart of the surrounding forests and attract the visitor. But continuing for about a quarter of an hour, little by little the karst forest changes to a landscape more akin to Mediterranean scrub, while breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste open up to the left. A striking flight of steps in the stone finally leads to a kind of small, leafy hermitage where you can find shelter from the summer sun.

Why it is special

It astonishes, and indeed literally marvels, that a place not far from Trieste and easy to travel to that offers a magnificent nature and landscape experience should be so uncrowded. And to say that at one point it almost feels like touching the Miramare Castle below and the small harbor of Grignano, as if they were a plastic model touched by the curious fingers of a child.

Not to be missed

Wild asparagus lovers will find plenty in the spring, unless they check the current harvesting regulations.


The Monastery of St. Cyprian can be a particularly interesting detour from the main route, perhaps on the way back: it is a structure entrusted to the Benedictine nuns, where life flows according to the unchanging rhythms of a millenary tradition, among prayers, care of the garden, restoration of books and parchments... A small church that can be visited is attached to it.

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Massimiliano Penazzi

A short distance from Trieste, it is a much less crowded trail than the trails in the vicinity, where one enters a naturalistic and scenic dimension that retains the charm of intact and secluded places.


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