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San Lorenzo in Campo

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Where is


61047 San Lorenzo In Campo PU, Italia (172m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Suspended between the sea and the Apennines, San Lorenzo in Campo is a charming village nestled in the Valcesano valley, near the province of Ancona. It can be reached from the coast by taking the provincial road or, alternatively, from Fossombrone, along the road that scours the hills: it is certainly less practical, but it offers unforgettable glimpses amidst the colors of the traditional chequered cultivated countryside.

Why it is special

One can imagine San Lorenzo in Campo as if it were an ancient book. The pages of its vicissitudes are kept in the streets of the center, among the arches, in the fountains or enclosed within buildings such as the Benedictine Abbey, considered the most shining Romanesque-Gothic example in the Marche; the Palazzo della Rovere, home of the Archaeological Museum; and the Art Nouveau Theater. An enthralling book with a cover as enveloping as the defensive structure of the village: from the high walls, overhanging the road, peep the fortress and terracotta dwellings.

Not to be missed

A winning bet, the one played by the municipality of San Lorenzo in Campo, which, by valorizing local products, has promoted the area in the name of sustainable tourism. If you happen to be in these parts, honey, local wines, olive oil and spelt (with D.O.C certification) will delight your taste buds. In addition, every year, on Easter Monday, the village organizes the Sagra del Castagnolo, a typical sweet of this area, presented at the Expo, and offered in numerous versions: a real delicacy!

A bit of history

The origins of San Lorenzo in Campo date back to around the 7th century AD when the Benedictine monks, following the abandonment of the nearby town of Suasa, organized the life of the entire valley by building a town on the adjoining hillock. Over time this first nucleus of dwellings became equipped with imposing defensive walls and a majestic fortress, becoming a real castle. Like almost all the villages in the province, it later fell under the rule of the Malatesta and della Rovere families.

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