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Rose Garden of St. Justine

Heady emotions wait hidden in the center of Padua.

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Where is


Roseto di Santa Giustina, Via Michele Sanmicheli, 65, 35126 Padova PD, Italia (13m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Not many people know it, but right in the center of Padua there is a little corner of incredible colors and scents just waiting to be visited. Located on the bastion of Santa Giustina, a little eden of roses comes completely unexpected to the unsuspecting passerby. If you feel like stopping and passing through its gate, you will have given yourself a half-hour of pure peace of soul.

Why it's special

More than a communal garden, it looks like a real world of roses, a tourbillon of fascinating colors and shapes. You'll just have to enter to be amazed, not to mention when you begin the little climb up the little hill on the rampart: your eyes will get lost trying to figure out which among these roses is the most beautiful while the scent envelops you, sweet and intriguing... that's the real magic: your visit is a perceptual journey that involves all the senses.

Not to be missed

Roses, you know, have names and stories. Some species are even dedicated to famous people. These very ones can offer you a chance to play a game while you're here: how many characters present in flower form can you recognize?

A bit of history

This garden was established in 2008, similar to famous rose gardens in other cities (Aventine Hill in Rome, Nervi Historical Park in Genoa, and Villa Reale in Monza). Set above a bastion of the 16th-century walls, it has been visited by many people, offering a walk surrounded by the variety of flowers and scents.


On the day of Pentecost, petals from the rose garden of Santa Giustina are used in the basilica during the solemn mass to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit.

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A place you do not expect, more than a hundred varieties of roses, a perceptual path where sight, smell and touch are an integral part of the visit.


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