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Punta La Marmora

It is the highest peak in Sardinia, a destination for cyclists and hikers

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Where is


Punta la Marmora, 08040 Arzana NU, Italia (1,377m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Punta La Marmora is the highest peak in Sardinia. It is located between the Barbagie and Ogliastra nature areas. It is part of the Gennargentu National Park; it can be visited on foot or by bicycle.

Why it is special

It is special because it is a wilderness area of Sardinia that provides views of breathtaking scenery and allows visitors to enjoy the silence and beauty of unspoiled nature. Along the way, thanks to the altitude, you can admire the "heels" of Ogliastra - fascinating rock formations - and the valleys that descend to the Barbagie Mountains. On clear days, beyond the horizon, the Sardinian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea can be seen.

A bit of history

The name "Punta La Marmora" comes from the general and scientist Alberto Ferrero della Marmora, who chronicled Sardinia in his works Voyage en Sardaigne (1826), and Itinéraire de l'île de Sardaigne (1860).


In the Sardinian language, Punta La Marmora was called "Perdas Carpìas," which literally means "split stones"-the rocks, in fact, tend to shatter due to weathering and temperature changes.

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