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Dante Bridge in Treviso, between memory and pride!

A crossroads of waters leading to heaven

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Where is


Ponte Dante & Riviera Garibaldi, 31100 Treviso TV, Italia (10m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

As we leave the station behind and follow the sparkling waters of the Sile along the Riviera Santa Margherita, the spectacle that appears to us is impressive. The "hump-backed" University Bridge connects the two banks of what is now the city's cultural hub, the so-called Latin Quarter. On the left bank, Riviera Garibaldi, we glimpse the small Dante Bridge topped by an elegant Obelisk. What better place to honor the memory of the Supreme Poet who precisely this evocative glimpse wanted to mention in his Paradise.

Why it is special

"Là dove Sile e Cagnan s'accompagna". IX Canto of Paradise. It is in this enchanting corner of the city that Dante enacts his encounter with the soul of Cunizza da Romano (sister of the tyrant Ezzelino) a witness and implacable judge of the corruption of his fellow citizens. It is no coincidence that from this very bridge overlooking the waters, the stern profile of the Poet carved on the stele, still seems to speak and watch over us. Symbolically facing to the right and crowned with laurel at the bottom, he reminds us of values that time does not erase. An ever-living reminder!

Not to be missed

The protagonists: Sile and Cagnan, two resurgent rivers that flow placidly and silently along the picturesque banks of this "Little Venice." But, watched carefully, right at the point of their meeting, there under the Bridge, they come alive and "accompany" each other in a liquid embrace. A gentle, unexpected movement on which the proud swans almost seem to glide, dance and then bow before the site of great historical memory.

A bit of history

Ponte Dante is the only place that could rightly celebrate the memory of the Supreme Poet's presence in Treviso. Right there, at the confluence of the two rivers mentioned in the Canticle and on the occasion of the sixth centenary of his birth, the municipality of Treviso decided to erect a stele in his honor on the bridge rebuilt in stone by engineer Gaspare Petrovich. On May 14, 1865, a major inauguration attended by the entire city consigned to history the testimony of his great pride.


"Impossible Bridge" was called by the inhabitants who by then had seen so many times built on that very spot, wooden footbridges and bridges washed away at the first flood of the river. It now seemed impossible that it could remain standing. But instead then the stone version, strong and solid to face the rush of the waters. A challenge won!

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An Obelisk, on a Bridge, on a River, in the bright setting of the city's cultural soul and in the memory of Dante's most beautiful gift: "a place in Paradise"!


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