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Attone Bridge

A medieval bridge along the Brembo River: a little gem of the Brembana Valley

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Where is


SP23, 7, 24010 Clanezzo BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the town of Ubiale Clanezzo, an archway made of stones and pebbles stretches across the Imagna stream, there where it flows into the Brembo River. It is the Attone Bridge, named after the count who ordered its construction. Even today, the steps of those who cross it are marked by the pebbles that form its walking surface. Simple yet magnificent, this ancient bridge gives off an irresistible charm.

Why it is special

One crosses it on foot, in silence, leaving behind a patch of green and heading toward a picturesque building, what remains of the ancient castle. Ponte Attone does not have to worry about modern-day traffic: that passes by on other roads, leaving this marvel alone. It is thanks to this isolation that the bridge stays healthy, that when you cross it you can immerse yourself in the history that its stones tell, and that to get there you enjoy the beauty of the nature of the place.

A bit of history

For many years, this was the place from which the only access route to the Brembana Valley passed, and it was a focal point for trade links with territories beyond the Alps (from here one could reach Passo San Marco and, through Valtellina, even reach Grigioni). In the central part one can still see the crenellated pillars that once had the task of supporting the gates that closed the passage over the bridge. At its side is the Rocca, a watchtower (one of the parts remaining to this day of the castle complex) where in the past there was a keeper who charged tolls.

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