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Agnelli Art Gallery at Lingotto

In the historic Fiat factory, a unique art exhibition

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Where is


8 Gallery, 262, Via Nizza, Italia '61, Nizza Millefonti, Torino, TO, Piemonte, 10126, Italia (240m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Turin is a city that has achieved outstanding image achievements in recent decades. The operation that kicked off this renewal was the transformation of the Lingotto, Fiat's historic plant, into a unique multifunctional complex. Among the attractions of the large complex is the Pinacoteca Agnelli, set up in a futuristic pavilion designed by architect Renzo Piano, moving from Canova to Picasso in a high-tech setting. All this, against the backdrop of the grand city, with its rituals and places, from vermout for aperitifs to historic cafes, to dilute the novelty in the calm atmosphere of yesteryear.

Why it's special

Opened in October 2002, the art gallery houses the masterpieces of the Giovanni and Marella Agnelli art collection in a futuristic crystal and steel structure, the so-called "Scrigno," built by architect Renzo Piano on the North Tower of the former factory. The collection ranges in time from Canaletto to Matisse, reviewing the most important artistic currents in the typical ways of private collecting, that is, following a very personal aesthetic logic. Among the Avvocato's most beloved works are Baigneuse blonde, by Renoir; Velocità astratta, by Balla; Nu couché by Modigliani; and two works by Picasso, a female portrait from the blue period and Homme appuyé sur une table, cubist.

Not to be missed

For 20 years, from 1996 to 2016, the Lingotto was home to the Salone Internazionale del Gusto, a biennial Slow Food-branded event that made the most recent food and wine history. While the Salone chose a diffuse mode, invading the city with its flavors, from the squares of the center to Valentino Park, in 2007 Eataly, the company founded by Oscar Farinetti to introduce made-in-Italy food to Italians, first and foremost, and to those who come from abroad on the wings of its myth, made its entrance at Lingotto: to be explored, a large market area to which is added a series of restaurants in the spaces of the former Carpano factory.

A bit of history

TheLingotto is Fiat's historic factory: from 1914 to 1983, 80 car models were produced there; it covers an area of 275 thousand square meters, the equivalent of 40 soccer fields, or several city blocks. Designed by architect Renzo Piano, it has been transformed into a multi-service center that includes an exhibition and conference center; an auditorium and university faculty; a shopping mall and hotel; a multiplex cinema, numerous cafes and public places. The transformation of the large building is chronicled by a permanent photo gallery: From Mattè Trucco's Factory to Renzo Piano's Casket.


In his design for the Lingotto, Renzo Piano included on the South Tower a dizzying installation that even today would not disfigure in an action movie. On one side, stretched out into the void, is a hemispherical volume of steel and crystal, the so-called Bubble, intended as a meeting room. On the opposite is a circular platform for a helicopter landing. It is hard to say how functional the complex is, even if one tells of the frequent passages of Sergio Marchionne, a legendary Fiat executive; undoubted, however, is its image impact, as a backdrop for glamorous photographs that have gone around the world.

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