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Pergola: Angel Dal Foco Theater

Rebirth of the theater with "The Most Beautiful Season"

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Where is


Via San Francesco d'Assisi, 61045 Pergola PU, Italia (263m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

An architectural excellence of the City of Pergola is symbolized by the Angel Dal Foco Theater, set inside the old building that housed the Monte di Pietà warehouses. It has undergone several alterations over time, but today the Theater still retains its very deep stage, on which it is said triumphal scenes of horse entrances took place. To admire it in comfort there are over 250 seats divided into three tiers of boxes, stalls and gallery. All, of course, topped off with a rich and interesting theater season.

Why it is special

What immediately catches your eyes when you enter the theater is its peculiar layout: not horseshoe-shaped, like most theaters we are used to, but mule-shoe, or U-shaped, to fit the conformation of the structure that houses it.

A bit of history

Its reconstruction dates back to the mid-eighteenth century, when Pergola was granted the title of City by Pope Benedict XIV: to enjoy such a privilege, in fact, it was necessary for the community to have both a Town Hall and a Theater. It underwent several interventions over time, but the main structure turns out to still be the original one. In 1948 it was occupied by evacuees from the war and then left to be abandoned. It was reopened in 2002 after laborious restoration work.


In 1860 the structure was dedicated to Venture Captain Angel Dal Foco, a famous and adventurous Pergolese Condottiero who lived in the mid-14th century, who is said to have taken his name thanks to a night assault, where, in order to simulate a greater number of forces and wreak more havoc among the enemy ranks, he allegedly lit fires on ox horns, renewing Hannibal's famous stratagem.

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One can only admire, a little gem that has withstood adversity.


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