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Walk through history, art and nature in Taino

A chance to see the country through the eyes of its inhabitants

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21020 Taino VA, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The hidden beauties of Taino

Taino is a pretty town of 3500 inhabitants in the province of Varese. It stands in a hilly area, surrounded by greenery, and offers a beautiful view of Lake Maggiore, with the Monte Rosa massif in the background.

What makes it special is undoubtedly the town park with the large sculpture-monument "The Place of the 4 Cardinal Points," created by Giò Pomodoro in 1991. As is often the case, however, the best-known spot is not the only one that deserves the attention of a curious traveler: in fact, many small treasures, fragments of local history and ancient traditions are hidden along the streets of Taino. For the untrained eye, it would not be easy to discover them, were it not for the passion and resourcefulness of a very special group of Taino residents: the Pink House Seniors Group. They are the ones to offer us this journey, to let us discover Taino through the eyes and emotions of those who have lived there their whole lives.

A story to be discovered

In fact, it will be a case of asking them to tell the very legend behind the curious name of the "Valley of the Sparrows": we won't reveal anything for now, but it's definitely a good story to listen to while walking around, try to believe!

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