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Sojo Park - Art and Nature

A magnificent walk on the Asiago Plateau among works of art and nature

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Where is


Via Covolo, 36046 Lusiana VI, Italia (642m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Sojo Park stands on a spur of rock at the southern edge of the Sette Comuni plateau in the Vicentine Alps, about 750 meters above sea level. In the silence of nature we walk along freshly marked paths and there, among the trees, behind the rocks or dry stone walls, the colors the imaginative shapes of contemporary artworks appear, with their messages and suggestions.

Why it is special

More than 80 works of contemporary art made by Italian and foreign artists from a variety of materials are placed in the park: wood or stone, bronze or steel, ceramics, glass or even recycled plastics... They are works that tell us about anguanas and other ancient legends, universal values, the need to remember... They tell us about us. Over time these works have magically harmonized with nature, have taken on a "patina" of cyclical eternity that has made them an integral and living part of the forest.

Not to be missed

Among all the works there is one, almost invisible, made of glass drops that, like drops of water, descend from the rock. But he had not imagined, the artist, that in those glass drops over time water would enter and that natural microcosms would be born in the water...

A bit of history

The park, strongly desired by brothers Diego and Gianluca Morlin, was opened in 2005. The first works that inhabited the park were the sculptures of their father, Severino Morlin, now in the company of works by artists from around the world. On the edge of the park, the tiny hamlet of Covolo is also worth a visit.


Sojo means "throne," throne: legend has it that on the highest point of the park the witches gathered and from that throne ruled the valley.

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Maria Cristina

I know the people who thought it up and created it and continue to love it. I know about the toil, the rain, the hopes, I know about the arms that built, protected, dug.... And that makes it so much more precious and true.


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