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Bread or sculpture?

Coccoi: beauty and goodness on Sardinian tables

Local flavors
Local flavors

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A special bread

When people talk about typical Sardinian bread they immediately think of Carasau bread, but there is much more to discover, taste and admire. Yes, admire, especially in the case of the bread of the holidays, the Coccoi bread.

This delicious bread is so characteristic of Sardinian culture that it has been officially included on the PAT list, i.e., Italian Traditional Food Products, and sometimes it is also the protagonist of exhibitions.

Works of eat

Coccoi bread was traditionally prepared on festive occasions. Its making began at dawn and involved all the women of the house, and sometimes even neighbors. The dough made from durum wheat semolina and baked in a domed oven has a texture that makes it perfect for being shaped into even very detailed shapes. Wreaths of flowers and leaves, grapes and pomegranates, fish and even baby dolls, these made especially for children. There is also a special shape for Easter, which involves eggs being inserted into the dough. Who knows what a table set with Coccoi bread must look like...nothing short of a Wonder!

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