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Onara Swamp

A peaceful walk among marsh plants and resurgent waters, where time seems to stand still.

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Where is


Via Asilo, 7, 35019 Tombolo PD, Italia (37m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

We are near Cittadella, in the province of Padua. This part of the Venetian plain is rich in resurgences, and even in the Onara marsh the water rises from the earth, very cold, and then flows slowly to the nearby Tergola River. All around the waterholes, the land is moist and peaty and gives way under our footsteps. 30 hectares of quiet lowland walks: for birdwatchers, contemplatives, families.

Why it's special

The cool microclimate created by the resurgences encourages the growth of plants and flowers that we usually find in the hills and mountains.

Don't miss

Swamp flora: helleborines and swamp orchids, eriophorus, calta, valerian, Solomon's seal and white anemone. Marsh animals: the grey heron and egret, kingfisher, little owl and owl, little grebe, moorhen and reed warbler.

A bit of history

In the park is the oratory of St. Margaret (12th century, with frescoes), once part of the castle of the Ezzelini (11th century), destroyed by the Paduans in 1198. The rubble, historical sources say, was used to build part of the walls of Cittadella (1220), a magnificent walled city a few kilometers away. The ancient Coppo mill overlooks the river and, hidden among the trees, bearing witness to a more recent yet already distant history, there is still a tiny railway tollgate.

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