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Piazza della Vittoria, 8, 61039 San Costanzo PU, Italia (154m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Recently restored, Palazzo Cassi is the museum of San Costanzo and its citizens. The library on the ground floor, the Picture Gallery and the Archaeological section on the first or main floor, a permanent exhibition of painting and photography, and several rooms housing masks (Venetian-inspired), revive the splendor of yesteryear. Sober and elegant in its white facade, it stands out from the other buildings around it because of its large size: it is in fact the result of the union of two palaces, somewhat as if to say that this is the quintessential place for the city's eliteto merge and meet.

Why it is special

In the days of the Counts Cassi, one of the main activities during the guests' stay was the commentary on the classics, which were declaimed in the elegant and cozy rooms of the palace. The presence of Vincenzo Monti, Count Giulio Perticari, combined with the coterie of men of letters and the visits of Gioachino Rossini, are the aspect of how much culture hovered in those spaces of knowledge. Even today, in the halls, one has the impression that their voices echo, taking us to that time that opened the door to a true cultural renewal.

Not to be missed

The museum contains several collections, which well describe the history and culture of San Costanzo. It starts with the important archaeological section, with materials from the tombs of the Picenian necropolis found in the area, the calling card of a civilization that gave rise to the present town. We then move on to the Picture Gallery, which collects sacred works from the numerous churches, with time disused, that populated the municipal territory. Valuable additions are the library and the historical archives, custodians of events and happenings that make San Costanzo the welcoming and lively village it is today.

A bit of history

Originally there were two palaces, palazzo Mei and palazzo Diotallevi, purchased by Count Francesco Cassi to be united. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the building experienced a shining period of culture thanks to the high friendships that the Cassi boasted. In fact, high-ranking guests included Counts Ferri and Martinozzi, the literary Count Giulio Perticari, a cousin of the Cassi, with his beautiful consort Costanza, daughter of the famous poet Vincenzo Monti. In 1863, the City Council of San Costanzo approved its purchase to build the Municipal Residence. In 2013, it was returned to the community after an intelligent and functional restoration.


Palazzo Cassi was an important place in the life of Costanza Monti. Her husband, Count Giulio Perticari, died there on June 26, 1822. She, young and beautiful, was pursued by many nobles whom she systematically rejected. Out of spite for one of them, she was publicly accused of poisoning her husband and forced to end her days, suffering and alone in Ferrara. In reality, Count Giulio Perticari, died of nothing more than liver cancer. Costanza was thus rehabilitated to history, paying a high price, however.

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Historic home of Count Francesco Cassi, a nobleman from Pesaro, who liked to call the "ateneo d'italica sapienza," referring to the appointment that the most representative exponents of Italian culture of the first half of the 19th century gave themselves.

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