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Gorge of Gaea

A rocky gorge awaits us hidden in the forest

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Where is


Via Mingolino, 31, 40034 Castel D'aiano BO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

There is a path near Castel d'Aiano, which crosses a beautiful chestnut forest where the vegetation, although thick and lush, lets the sunlight filter through, creating a play of emerald reflections, animated by light and shadow. Calmly advancing along the path, one notices that little by little an unmistakable sound is becoming more and more intense: it is the sound of flowing water , and so one goes on, in search of the stream.

Why it is special

You arrive at a small wooden bridge suspended over a special geological conformation: a deep rocky gorge, where the stream plummets, shaping the rock into waterfalls and wells of icy, crystal-clear water, with special limestone formations. This is the Orrido di Gea, a wonder hidden in the dense forest that offers itself generously to the eyes of those who set out to look for it.

Not to be missed

Given the strength and vitality of this watercourse, one is not too surprised when not far away one encounters the remains of the old Gea Mill, an important artifact that supported the local community. You can still see part of the building and some old millstones, witnesses to the history of ordinary people and their daily lives.

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