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Taleggio Valley Gorge

A peculiar name for a wonder, but such it remains!

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Where is


SP25, 115, 24010 Taleggio BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The Orrido della Val Taleggio is a gorge about three kilometers long that can be crossed thanks to the road that runs through it. And it is precisely from the road that one has a perfect view of the high rocks that enclose the gorge, and of the Enna stream, the true creator of this place, which flows at the bottom of the cleft, and through pools and waterfalls reaches San Giovanni Bianco. And it is here, in the shadow of the parish church, that it flows into the Brembo River.

Why it is special

Its conformation is really very special, although its dolomite rocks are susceptible to landslides because they are geologically young. However, the vegetation also deserves special mention: the fact is that no sunlight reaches here. This creates a special microclimate, suitable for the formation of a very rich, wild and unspoiled nature, admiring sheer walls and small waterfalls.

Not to be missed

The gorge can be crossed by car, but better yet on foot or by bike, thanks to the provincial road that leads from San Giovanni Bianco to the border with the Province of Lecco. Proceeding slowly, it is easier to notice wonderful details such as the numerous waterfalls, which in winter become real ice walls. But man's intervention also gives surprises here and there: along the way there are also small power plants, from which-in case of emergency-electricity arrives in Valsassina and Valle Brembana.


Although the most common name is Orrido della Val Taleggio, it sometimes happens to hear this place called by the toponyms "Orrido dei Serrati" or "Orrido di San Giovanni," the latter in reference to the beautiful place where the Enna flows into the Brembo.

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