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Beyond Stonehenge? The "Motte di sotto"

Echoes of a distant past

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Where is


Via Motte, Castello di Godego TV, Italia (49m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the borderland between the towns of Castello di Godego and San Martino di Lupari, what appears at first glance would appear to be a simple embankment bordered by trees in the middle of the countryside. But as you approach it, the feeling of entering a kind of green stadium with stands reaching up to five feet in height becomes palpable: these are the ancient "Motte di sotto."

Why it is special

It is a place of quiet walks, but it also has something magical about it. This site is an important archaeological evidence of man's presence in really ancient times. The embankment, in fact, must have guarded a Bronze Age habitation. The quadrangular shape of this site is not insignificant, nor is the fact that its vertices face the cardinal points. According to scholars, the astronomical knowledge of these ancient villagers was remarkable and was related to sun worship and the succession of the seasons. An aura of ancient cults and archaic memories still lingers: how not to think of Stonehenge!

Don't miss

Sunrise at the winter solstice and sunset at the summer solstice. Like Stonehenge, the Motte site has a pronounced solsticial orientation that, from specific points, makes observing this astronomical phenomenon very impressive.

A bit of history

The particular conformation of this place arouses continuous and growing interest: an excavation campaign conducted in the 1980s brought to light truly amazing ancient finds, which go to connote it as an ancient village dating back to the Bronze Age period. In this regard, a visit to the Villa Priuli Civic Museum in Castello di Godego and the Cittadella Archaeological Museum, where the finds are kept, is a must.


It is customary to gather on the morning of the winter solstice to watch the sunrise together with the association of the Friends of the Civic Museum of Castello di Godego... wishing for a day of good weather!

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