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Novara and its rice fields

A checkered landscape combining earth and sky

Local flavors
Local flavors

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Where is


28100 Novara NO, Italia (161m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

A walk among the rice paddies is enough to talk about history, culture, tradition, agriculture, production, and cuisine. Rice paddies are a complex world, with rhythms well marked by the seasons. The landscape changes precisely throughout the year. This is part of the stories of the elders, of today's farmers, and also of the stories that have come to the public thanks to great cinema: who has not heard of Bitter Rice?

Why it is special

Every farm has its own specificity. There is the one that in its rice fields saw the birth of Italy's first black rice (the Venus), the one that crossed the Venus with a long grain rice and created a black rice in demand by starred chefs around the world, the one that brings back ancient or "popular" varieties, the one that cultivates with precision technologies, the one that cultivates in dry, the one that has areas of restocking and biodiversity. Every paddy field and every farmer has a story to tell!

Not to be missed

Not to be missed. The risotto and especially the paniscia novarese! A typical dish made with rice, savoy cabbage, vegetables and crumbled salami della duja, it is a poor dish of ancient tradition. Along with this, a good gorgonzola cheese should never be missing, as well as a good glass of wine from the Novarese Hills.


From Novara's dome there is a breathtaking view of the city, the surrounding rice fields, and the chain of Alps. The last level of round windows in the dome was made "treacherously" by architect Alessandro Antonelli...

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They are the rice fields where I was born. Every spring I wait for the flooding, to see the checkered sea. Every summer I wait for the rice to bloom, to chase the dragonflies. Every autumn I watch the rice cut and the combines like a child.