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Umbro Apollonio Museum

It is called M.A.C.U.A. and it is the only Museum of Kinetic Art in Italy!

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Where is


Largo Europa, 6, 35018 San Martino di Lupari PD, Italia (40m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Just halfway between the splendid walled cities of Cittadella and Castelfranco Veneto, San Martino di Lupari would risk going unnoticed, were it not for the treasures it hides. One of these, born from the vision of a Sammartinese doc, is a collection unique in Italy: more than 160 works ofkinetic, neo-constructivist and optical art, which make a fine display... in the halls of the Town Hall! Welcome to the Umbro Apollonio Museum.

Why it's special

The Umbro Apollonio Museum is special because it is not a collection to look at, but a perceptual experience to experience. If you get close, if you move around a work, if you look at it, that's when the work comes alive, vibrates, transforms before your eyes, dances... it captures you! And you also enter the work when you catch, behind the play of shapes and colors, the artist's intuition, the scientificity of the approach, the painstaking care of the realization.

Not to be missed

The most influential international protagonists of Programmed, Constructivist and Kinetic art have participated over the years in the project-laboratory of the Biennales: Biasi, Chiggio, Landi, Massironi (these already members of the Paduan Group N), Le Parc, Garcia Rossi, Morellet, Apollonio, Bonalumi, Varisco (formerly in the Milanese Group T), Glattfelder... Don't miss the works that trick the eye and create the illusion of movement, such as those by Franco Costalonga, Edoer Agostini and Alberto Biasi.

A bit of history

The collection is the result of an incredible history, which began in 1971 and consisted of prestigious Contemporary Art Biennials of international resonance, unthinkable in such a small town just a stone's throw from Venice. Yet it was so... The Biennales had as their driving force and catalyst the Luparenese artist Edoer Agostini; the 18th-century church became an exhibition venue for international artists for a handful of days; the whole town was involved... An artistic ferment, an open laboratory, a hotbed of ideas like never before (nor since). Then, in 1981, works made and donated by artists for the Biennales gave birth to the collection. The civic museum is dedicated to art critic Umbro Apollonio, with logo created by Bruno Munari.


Artists who participated in the Biennales were hosted by families in the village, creating an authentic sharing relationship under the banner of art and friendship. Dinners, parties, and dances were the moments of leisure that the Sanmartinarians offered their guests at the end of days-workshops shared in the Biennale. It was then that contemporary art peacefully invaded homes throughout the country.

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Fun for young and old... Kinetic and programmed art is free and playful experimentation with forms, colors and materials; it is play, movement, visual deception... In the place where you least expect it...

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