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Monte Zucco

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24016 San Pellegrino Terme BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Where Mount Zucco is located

Mount Zucco, or "Ol Söch," as the people of Bergamo call it, is a mountain in the Orobic Pre-Alps: it rises in the municipality of San Pellegrino Terme in the Brembana Valley and is part of the Sornadello Group. The hike to its summit is challenging, but how much beauty awaits us upon arrival! On its summit, marked by the imposing cross, you can admire the panorama of San Pellegrino Terme, the Orobian Pre-Alps and the Rhaetian Alps.

To reach the summit, between easy and challenging trails

We have talked about the route to the top of Monte Zucco, but there are actually three different routes to reach it. The less demanding one starts from Sant'Antonio Abbandonato in the municipality of Brembilla, with an ascent time of about an hour (elevation gain 245 meters); the intermediate one , starts from the locality Foppette in the municipality of San Pellegrino Terme, continuing along the Via Merlanga, with an ascent time of about 2 hours and an elevation gain of 878 meters; the more trained, on the other hand, will still start from the Foppette locality, but will follow the direct route that climbs to the northeast ridge, with an ascent time of about 1.5 hours and an elevation gain of 878 meters.5 hours and an elevation gain of 878 meters. This route starts from the refuge-shelter and continues by taking the first path to the left.

Sulla vetta del Monte Zucco: monumento ad Antonio BaroniThe Brembana Valley as seen from Monte Zucco

The Zucco cross

In the past, on Easter Monday, the townspeople erected a cross composed of two crossed timbers on the summit: it was not replaced as long as it managed to remain standing, withstanding even the worst weather conditions. It was in 1963 that a group of young people decided to install a sturdier and more durable cross, but one that, above all, could become a symbol of the community: out of this desire came the G.E.S.P (Gruppo Escursionisti San Pellegrino), which built a 20-meter-high iron cross, inaugurated in 1965.

The cross we see today is not the first attempt of the G.E.S.P., which initially failed to find suitable material. A few years later, in 1968, a concrete and Murano glass chapel was built next to the cross in memory of the priests of San Pellegrino Terme, thanks to the design of architect Alberto Fumagalli.

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