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Montaglian broken through

In search of the Source of Spirits

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02022 Collalto Sabino RI, Italia (720m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The remains of the ancient village of Montagliano, "broken through" in that it is now abandoned and destroyed, can be glimpsed only after the last bend in the path that climbs through the woods. Although now reduced to ruins, the walls still inspire wonder and fascination in those who approach to explore them.

Why it is special

Walking past the remains of the ancient walls, among the vegetation now master of the place, the imagination can be set free to imagine the original alleys and the industrious atmosphere of the inhabitants of the past.

Not to be missed

Walking along the path from the village through chestnut groves and pasture land, one encounters, somewhat hidden by the vegetation, a fountain. It is the "Spring of the Spirits": according to legend, the spirits are the souls of the inhabitants of Montagliano who died defending the spring, a precious resource for the surrounding crops.

A bit of history

Probably founded around the 9th century and later ceded to the Abbey of Farfa, Montagliano was occupied by small nuclei of the rural population. In 1268 the victory of Charles of Anjou over Corradin of Swabia at Scurcola caused the decline of Montagliano, which had remained loyal to the Swabian House. The small village was finally abandoned in the late 1600s. Part of its inhabitants took refuge in the existing centers of Collalto, Collegiove, Ricetto and Nespolo.


According to a local legend, the church of Farfa Abbey was built with stones from the ruins of the village of Montagliano, both localities being under the control of the Roman patrician family of Orsini at the time.

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Ruins emerging, among the brambles, from an ancient past


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